Myxed Media offers high quality HD digital video with crisp and vivid colors. We can have your video color corrected, incorporate in motion graphics and visual effects to make your video stand out among the rest. Myxed will also help you find and utilize the proper channels and outlets to display your video.



One of our favorite pieces to date. This was a mini-doc that we shot for the Flying Dog Brewery in Denver, CO. We actually got to go everywhere in the brewery; go right in to the action and shoot. I must say the owner was quite a character to chat with!

At Myxed Media we shoot the highest quality footage on the best equipment available. Our videographers will go where ever allowed to get the most unique shots to best tell your story or message.



Editing plays an extremely vital part of videogaphy as much as capturing the footage itself. Editing determines the pace, the look and feel of a video, or the emotion being captured at a certain moment. At Myxed Media we have the best editors who can put your footage (or footage we shot for you) together in such a manner to envoke that certain emotion you want your viewer to feel. For example:

Did you get a certain feeling when watching this piece--whether or not it was good or bad emotions?


Visual Effects

Visual Effects, much like motion graphics can bring a video to life by combing many different elements.

The following is a unique little piece of mine that was done very early on in college. It is a spot for a fictional DJ that combines green screen compositing, 3D modeling, motion graphics, and animation synced to audio. It's a little different but a great example of how you can combine all these types of effects into one short piece.


Here is another early piece of mine; a great example combing a lot of green screen and motion graphics.



Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a very integral part of the video world both commercially and cinematically. Motion graphics can take your video from drab to fab, so keep Myxed in mind when doing your next commercial or film. Below are a few examples of motion graphics pieces we have done.

This first spot is an example piece (never aired) we did for The Learning Channel, using strictly motion graphics.

Another example piece; this one for Converse. This spot combines live video with motion graphics.


DVD Authoring

You know when you turn on your favorite DVD and the disk menu has so many great items on it? Items like animated backgrounds, theme music, and seamless transitions between menus. Here at Myxed we can do all that and then some! We can give your business the pizazz to put it over the top.

But wait!! They are for more than just businesses. How about breathing new life into your wedding video, jazzing up that school play or a play-by-play menu of you or your loved ones more recent sporting event. Let's not forget graduation! Complete with a slide show of all their past school pictures, favorite home movies and so much more, all on one disc!!

Not only do we design the DVD but we also design the packaging, then have it all professionally printed and sealed!


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