Graphic Design

At Myxed Media we offer a large set of graphic design services at an affordable price. We believe crisp and clean graphics are the base of any great media project; they go into your commercials, on your website and in your brochures. You  do not want your company to be represented by sloppy pixelized graphics, so go with the company that was founded on high quality original graphics and not clip art lazily pulled from who knows where. Below is a list of the different forms of design we offer. If you do not see what you need on the list, just ask us! Graphic design is such an amazing broad category that we could build whole site dedicated to listing all the different types. Do not forget to take a look at gallery as well.

  • Logo design
  • Business stationary
  • Package & label design
  • Billboard design
  • Infographics & data posters
  • Flyers
  • Digital graphics
  • Illustrations


Brandon Schwarz

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