The Importance of Media

When talking to clients the first question they always ask me is "Why do I need media (or advertising)?"

We are living in the digital age of advertising and as a business owner (of any size) you need media to succeed. You need a name, an eye-catching logo, tv/video advertising and most importantly a web presence. You can use all the other forms of media to drive customers and potential clients to your website, a media tool with almost no limits.

Without media, people can't find you and more importantly, know you. Even some thing as minor as listing hours of operation on a website/facebook page can make or break a potential customer relationship. There once was a restaurant/bar that I frequented for a few years and up until a couple of months before they closed, I never knew they served pizza. That is what I would call a serious lack of media. If I had known this, I could have helped them and possibly prevented from closing down due to a lack of clientele.

Don't fall victim to a similar situation, let us help you get your business out in the world where it belongs.



What is Myxed Media?

I decided on the name Myxed Media back when when I was working with a group of local DJs doing flyers and webmercials to advertise their shows. The DJs would spin records while I would be on seperate turntable spinning videos, yes, I said spin videos! You could control the speed, direction and color of the video with a turntbale! I thought this was brilliant, not only were they mixing music but mixing different forms of media to put some of the best shows I'd ever seen. So to me the name conjures up so much great imagery and really symbolizes everything we are about.  And for those to young to remember, the idea for the logo came from the adapter used to play 45s on a record player.

The actual core concept though came to me quite a few years ago, way back when I started college. There were so many web and graphic design firms, post production houses and photo studios where  lived. The one thing I never really seen (even in a city like Denver) was a studio that combined all the services and made them available in one business. That is when I started gathering people of all design related related professions and so was born Myxed Media.

When a person starts up a business, they should not have to go to several different business to get their logo, website, tv commercials, social media, etc. It is time consuming, stressful and more expensive.They should be able to go to one company and know everything is taken care of. At Myxed we will handle every step from rough sketches to media buying, because we believe media should be quick, easy and affordable!



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