82455com彩霸王-4685com本港台直播-399322com香港挂牌The aluminum evaporator is available in three core thickness options of 55mm, 50mm and 40mm. The multi-channel flat tube can increase corrosion resistance, prevent odor and bacteria reproduction, and is designed with high performance, high efficiency and high durability to meet the needs of domestic and global customers

82455com彩霸王-4685com本港台直播-399322com香港挂牌Contributions to vehicle manufacturers

82455com彩霸王-4685com本港台直播-399322com香港挂牌1. Flexible core applications provide solutions to reduce costs and meet packaging performance requirements

2. Mature design and technology are widely used in various European models

3. Integrated design of self-made evaporator core and air conditioning system

4. The complete molding design facilitates the localization project


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