1. Pre-sales consultation

82455com彩霸王-4685com本港台直播-399322com香港挂牌Telephone service

Customer service department personnel, sales representatives through the phone to provide customers with advice, the process.

Sales and service

82455com彩霸王-4685com本港台直播-399322com香港挂牌Overall follow up of contact process by external sales staff

Technical service

82455com彩霸王-4685com本港台直播-399322com香港挂牌The process by which project engineers provide solutions to customer requirements

82455com彩霸王-4685com本港台直播-399322com香港挂牌Hospitality services

The process of guiding customers to visit the company and making them deeply impressed by the products and the company.

2. In-sales support

Technical service

By the technical staff to provide customers with various services.

82455com彩霸王-4685com本港台直播-399322com香港挂牌Sales and service

82455com彩霸王-4685com本港台直播-399322com香港挂牌After the signing of the contract, the process of further communication between the external sales staff and customers.

3. After-sales service

The service process carried out by the after-sales service personnel

82455com彩霸王-4685com本港台直播-399322com香港挂牌After-sales telephone return visit

82455com彩霸王-4685com本港台直播-399322com香港挂牌Customer satisfaction survey and return visit

82455com彩霸王-4685com本港台直播-399322com香港挂牌Customer feedback to improve implementation process

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