Switch aluminum plate drilling often appear problems
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Switching aluminum plate this is the case we often encounter, so when switching aluminum plate what problems will generally occur? Here is a detailed explanation for you:

1, floating tuatu-like chip: CNC processing, machine tools or automatic line processing, aluminum oxide plate research and development experts point out that the expected shape of the chip, because such chips will not wind on the tool and workpiece. And it's easy to organize.

82455com彩霸王-4685com本港台直播-399322com香港挂牌2. Debris collapse: when turning brittle materials such as cast iron, brittle brass and cast bronze, experts of aluminum oxide plate research and development point out that it is very simple to form needle-like or fragmentary debris collapse, which is not only easy to splash and injure people, but also easy to damage machine tools. If the selection of chip winding method, you can make chip into a short roll.

3, hair strip chip: in the heavy lathe with large cutting depth, large feed turning steel pieces into, the chip is wide and thick, if the formation of c-shaped chip will simply damage the cutting edge, base to fly collapse injury. Aluminum oxide board research and development experts point out, so usually will break the chip groove bottom arc radius increase, so that chip into a strip on the processing surface knock off, and rely on its weight to fall.

4, banded scrap: when high-speed cutting plastic metal materials, research and development of aluminum oxide expert points out, if you don't adopt measures for chip breaker is simple form ribbon chip, the chip shape flowing, tend to be wrapped around the workpiece or tool, easy cut workpiece appearance or destroyed tool cutting edge, and even hurt, and therefore should try to prevent a banded crumbs, but sometimes also expect banded crumbs, so that the chip can expel. For example, in the vertical boring machine boring blind hole.

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